Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Year One- Scrum-diddly-umptious!

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This term the children are very excited about their new topic 'Scrum-diddly-umptious'! This topic involves an exciting project that the children will undertake over the next 6 weeks. Each child is give £1 (provided by the school) and with this pound, they are going to design, create and bake a cake.

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This topic is run by the children. They research different cakes, choose the flavours and the filling. However, £1 is not enough to buy all the ingredients.... so the children need to group up. The bigger the group, the more money they will have to spend. Although their cake design will need to be agreed by everyone in the group! 

This topic will be building on their reciprocity skills. It will take collaboration, emapthy and a lot of problem solving!

Below is a rough timetable, but as this is a project lead by the children, this could change.

Week 1- research cakes and design and individual cake. 

Week 2-  Decide on their final groups and create their final design 
Write a persuasive letter to Mrs Nicholls saying why they thing they should have the money

Week 3- write a shopping list, calculate the cost and the visit Lidl with the children to buy the ingredients

Week 4 and Week 5- Bake the cake and invite parents/carers in for the tea party.
You will get an invite soon to let you know which day your child will be having their tea party.

Bring on the baking!

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