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Week 14 - Home learning - Year 2

Week 14 

Home learning - Year 2 

Year One | Huntingdon Primary School

Good morning everyone,

It feels very strange writing this weeks blog as it is our last week of Summer term which means its the last week of Year 2. We would like to congratulate all the children for staying motivated in these uncertain times, you have all been amazing! It is very sad that we won't be able to say good bye to our classes but we wish them the best of luck for Year 3. We have been working closely with our Year 3 team and they're currently planning exciting lessons for you all.

This week you will be receiving a call from your child's current teacher to discuss your child's end of year report and also a call from their teacher next year so they can introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. These calls will most probably come from a withheld/unknown number, so look out for the call.

This week we have planned lots of exciting transition activities for you to complete, please see the timetable below:

Week 14 - Home learning

We would also like to thank all of the parents/carers for their hard work over these last 14 weeks. It has been a very challenging time but we have made it through together.
Enjoy a well deserved summer holiday!

                                                                               Take care,
                                                                         The Year Two Team

Week 14 Home Learning- Year 1

Week 14 Home Learning- Year 1

Y6 Home Learning | Springfield Primary Academy

Week 14 Home Learning

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Good morning everyone,

It feels very surreal (and a bit emotional 😥) writing this week's blog, as it is our last week of Year One. We are sure for many, many of us, it has been a time like no other, but especially for our children. They have been such an amazing year group and we are incredibly sad that our time has been cut short.

However, we have been working closely with our Year 2 team who are very excited about the year ahead with them. As part of the transition, 3 of our team will be moving up with the children. Miss Davis will be moving on with Apricot Class, along with Miss Maguire from Beech and Mr Reeve from Walnut Class. 

5 "Ricky Reeve" profiles | LinkedIn

Along with their new teachers Miss Tynan and Miss Hamilton, we know they will be well looked after and have a fabulous year!

How to Block Your Number on Caller ID: 5 Solutions | MashTips
This week, you will be receiving a call from your child's current teacher and also their teacher next year so they can introduce themselves. These calls will most probably come from a withheld/unknown number, so look out for the call. 

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Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. We loved hearing about what the children wanted to know. Below are the lovely Year 2 teachers answering the questions. You will have to excuse the pace of the video (it is a little fast, you may need to watch it a couple of times). Creating and editing videos is a new skill which still needs perfecting 😂.

Class 6 Timetables | Blakedown Primary School
As always, below is week 14's timetable. Remember, you can chose to follow it, or dip in and out as it suits you. Each day there will be a maths, literacy, PE, topic and wellness session.

This week we are cotinuing to read the book 'Six Dinner Sid'

Log on to the timetable to listen to Miss Hurrell

If you find the literacy too challenging, please use the literacy plan below:

Please use the sound mat below to support your child with sounding out and spellings:

1KL weekly spellings 30.1.17 | Ashley Primary School
We have already blogged and sent home 200 common exception words that we would like the children to focus on.
Every week, we will be releasing 6 of these words for you to focus on. Every Friday, we will release the spelling test via video. The words for this week are as follows;

  • Child
  • Find
  • Parent
  • Whole
  • He
  • We

    Word Math Clipart

    Each week we set tasks on Mathletics, which the teachers can log on to and see how the children are getting on. If you need us to resend your Mathletics log in details, please email us at with 'Mathletics' in the subject heading. As well as Mathletics, don't forget to check out Rockstar Maths-

    Sticky Situation

    Collect some sticks and create as many shapes as you can. The picture below shows a square with squares and rectangles inside it. Collect and use small stones to count the number of vertices (corners).
    Outdoor Maths: investigating right angles with sticks — Creative STAR Learning Forest School Activities, Learning Activities, Teaching Math, Numeracy Activities, Teaching Ideas, Primary Teaching, Teaching Strategies, Maths Eyfs, Ks2 Maths

    Making a twig boat...

    You will need:

    • Long pieces of grass– you made need to experiment it needs to be tough
    • A random selection of twice broken to similar size
    • A few fallen flowers
    • A leaf

    How to make a twig boat

    How to make a twig boat, Becky Goddard-Hill, Stick boat, twig raft

    Super Science | Whitestone Infant School
    Some of the science that we are sending out will come from the following website: To access the links, you will need to sign up. It is completely FREE and will give you access to a range of interesting science resources.

    Final FS2 Phonics Workshop

    Remember to watch the daily phonics sessions on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel:

    Hall, Patti - 1st Grade / Reading

    Reading is so important and continuing to read over the summer is one of the best things you can do to ensure your child is ready for next year. Why not sign up for 2020 summer reading challenge...

    Other reading resources

    Reading to children is still really important. If you are struggling to access books at home Cbeebies have a daily bed time story. Try to watch this with your child and talk about what happened after: Bedtime stories.

    Don't forget to check out Mr Maher's reading website. The site is based on animals and has some great photos and facts. There are also some quizzes the children can take part in.

    Daily lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize

    The BBC are releasing 3 lessons each day tailored to children of all ages. There is also a bank of child friendly resources on their website, ranging from activities and worksheets, to video clips and photos. If you would like to check these out, click on the following link: BBC Daily Lessons

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    Take care,
    The Year One Team

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    Thursday, 9 July 2020

    Year Two Team for September 2020

    Meet the Team - Play Works

    Hi Year One,

    It is now the time to introduce you to your lovely, amazing teachers for next year!

    If you are currently in Walnut Class, your new class teacher is going to be......

    Miss Tynan

    "Hello Walnut Class. I'm the Year Group Leader and also your teacher. Next year will be amazing. We have so many new and exciting learning opportunities planned for you. I can't wait to get started!"

    "We are going to be in Mulberry Class. The classroom looks a little bare at the moment as a Reception bubble is using it, but when you come back in September it will be ready for you. We are talking to your Year One teachers to find out what your favourite things are and to make sure we bring them with us."

    If you are currently in Apricot Class, your class teacher is going to be......

    Miss Davis

    "Hi everyone, I am so excited to be with you again next year. I feel like the luckiest teacher in the world! We are all staying together but we are moving to a new classroom, how exciting!"

    "We are going to be in Pine Class. It looks a bit empty at the moment as Reception is using it as a bubble, but I will be coming in over the summer to put my stamp on it so it is ready for us to start in September!"

    If you are currently in Beech Class, your new class teacher is going to be......

    Miss Hamilton

    " Hi everyone! I have been in Year 2 for the last couple of years and I can tell you, it's an amazing year! We have already started planning new and exciting topics. The only thing missing, is you guys!”

    We are in Rowan Class, which is opposite to Mulberry and Pine. As the other teachers said, it is looking a bit bare at the moment as it is being used for a Year 1 bubble, but by the time you see it, it is going to look amazing!

    This the Year 2 outdoor area. Just like in Year One, the outdoor area is used as an extension to the classroom with many learning opportunities taking place outside. 

    Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing videos featuring your new teachers, so keep an eye out! 

    Many Thanks 

    The Year One Team