Friday, 22 November 2019

Year One have a soup-er day!!

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Autumn Cooking

As the weather grows colder, we are all looking to keep warm and the children decided a great way to do this was to make some pumpkin soup! 

Before we began, the children spoke about which ingredients they thought we needed to make the soup. Some children were surprised to find out that we needed to put onions in the soup. They were worried that they would not like the soup as they didn't like onions! 

It wasn't easy prepping for the soup...
'It is really sloppy inside the pumpkin. It is very stringy. I didn't think it would be!' Faramade
There a lots of seeds. Everytime I think I have found them all, I find more! Francesca 

After the children had prepped all the ingredients, we put it in the slow cooker for a few hours.

By the afternoon it was ready to eat! The children who wanted to, got to have a mini dinner party and they all loved it!

Pumpkin Soup Recipe 

Year One visit Hilldene visit

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Year One Visit Hilldene 

Year One were very excited to visit their local library! The librarian, Viv, was just as excited as we were. She wanted to tell the children all about the library and what it has to offer them. This children were surprised to hear that it was free!

Lots of the children had already visited the library, but all said that they wanted to come back. 

Viv read the children some stories and explained all about the books. There were some interactive books, picture books and some very challenging books. Each child got to choose a book to borrow and bring back to school. Next term we will visit the library again to change our books. 

Things to try with your child

Sharing reading

1. It’s still good to share

Don’t give up on talking about picture books with your child and sharing that bedtime story or information book. It’s just as important now to enjoy reading these books together, as well as those that come home from school, to help develop your child’s vocabulary, their understanding of stories and to encourage a love of reading.

2. Read with expression

Read with expression when reading to your child. Use different voices and vary the volume for effect or for different bits of information such as, Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex...? Wow! You’ll soon see that your child will then try these skills when reading to you!

3. Talk about books, words and pictures

Before reading a book together, always talk about the title, the pictures and the information on the cover (front and back). If it’s new, ask what your child thinks the book might be about. If it’s an old favourite then talk about the bits you love most! Don’t worry if some books get chosen again and again!

4. Retell stories or events

When reading aloud use lots of expression and try different voices for different characters. Get your child to join in with bits too, such as, ‘They pulled and they pulled!’ and ‘Fee, fi, fo, fom...’. See if your child can copy you!

Practising early reading skills

1. Listen to your child read

Books that your child brings home from school should be at the right level for your child. The words should be readable for your child – we say they are levelled reading scheme books. They are written to ensure steady progress and success. Many of these books include helpful notes for parents inside the front cover.

2. Sound it out

If your child gets stuck on a word, try phonics first. Get your child to say the letter sounds and say them quickly to try to hear the word; this is called blending. If the word can’t be sounded out then it’s best if you say it quickly and move on. If the book is at the right level then this should not happen too much.

3. Clap and chunk

Clapping out syllables or chunks in words and names can help with reading longer words: Di-no-saur! Cho-co-late! Or point out that some words are made up of two words, so wind and then mill makes windmill .

4. Try expression and flow

Your child’s expression might sometimes sound stilted on the first read of a sentence or a page. This is because they are focusing on making sounds into words. To keep your child hooked into the story, read it again with expression – after lots of praise, of course!

5. Don’t be afraid to back track

It’s sometimes good to get your child to re-read a sentence or even a page if it has been tricky to work out. This helps with meaning, flow and confidence – we all still have to do this sometimes!

6. Read, read, read!

It’s really important to read as much as possible with your child. Read the books that come home from school, borrow library books, buy books and magazines. Read signs and notices, and find interesting websites to read. And keep reading together at bedtime too!

Year One- Upcoming trip

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Year One 
St Andrew's Church- upcoming trip 

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to inform you about an upcoming trip for the children in Year One. We will visit St Andrew’s Church in Hornchurch to learn about how Christians celebrate Christmas. We will leave school at 9:00am and will be travelling by bus. Please provide a packed lunch for your child. If you would like the school to provide a lunch, please let the class techer know by Tuesday 26th byNovember. 

Each class will be going on a different day (see below)

Beech- Monday 2nd December 
Apricot- Tuesday 3rd December
Walnut- Wednesday 4th December 

They will be accompanied on the day by teachers and support staff, but we may need additional help from parents/carers. If you are interested and are likely to be available on the day, please let your class teacher know. If we require your help, the class teacher will contact you. 

Should the weather be wet, please provide your child with a waterproof jacket.

Yours faithfully,

The Year One Team

Monday, 18 November 2019

Year 2 Spellings - week beginning 18.11.19

Year 2 Spellings  - Week beginning 18.11.19

Please see below the spellings for Year 2, week beginning 18.11.19.
Remember to send your child's red book into school on Friday, ready for their spelling test.

Look… Say… Cover… Write… Check Group 1












Look… Say… Cover… Write… Check Group 2










Friday, 15 November 2019

Year 1 Maths fun!

Year 1 Addition fun!

The children had fun adding using smarties in Maths this week.

The children worked hard to solve addition sums.  They were able to work out and write addition numbers sums. 

Well done Year 1 - you are all smarties when it comes to adding!

Children in Need 2019

Children in Need 2019

Broadford had a fun filled day raising money for Children In Need.

Each class had fun dressing their teacher up using recycling materials.  Don't forget to vote for your favourite outfit on Facebook!

The children also were able to take part in Pudsey themed activities throughout the day in class such as Bingo and Pudsey themed Arts and Crafts.

Thank you so much for all your support and contributions.  We hope you all had a brilliant day raising money for this great cause. 

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Stay and Learn Reading Afternoon

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Stay and Learn Reading Afternoon in Year One 

Thank you to all of the parents and Carers who were able to join us for the reading afternoon. We hope you found the phonics session useful and enjoyed reading with your child in their learning environment. 

The children loved having you in and enjoyed their special story time in the classroom. 

'I like the parents coming in to read us stories. It was really busy but I liked it.' George
'I read the book about the aliens. There were books everywhere!' Rosie
My nanny came in and she read to me and my cousin!' Niamh

The children are currently learning their sounds through a program called Read, Write, Inc. Below is a link to the sounds they children are learning and should know and be able to apply by the end of Year One.

If you have any questions regarding reading, please feel free to speak to a member of our Year One team after school.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Stay and Learn session in the spring term.

The Year One Team