Friday, 22 March 2019

Mulberry’s Class Certificates

Mulberry’s Class Certificates 

This week in Mulberry class Donnie was given the Star Writer certificate for his brilliant sentence writing.

Lexi-Mae was awarded the E for Excellence for using adjectives to describe the characters of Hansel and Gretel.  Well done!

Mulberry’s Tudor Bread!

Mulberry’s Tudor Bread! 

This week in Mulberry class we made Tudor bread and we also made a modern day loaf of white bread.  The children worked hard to measure out the ingredients and knead the bread!  We then baked our bread.  The children enjoyed tasting and comparing the difference between the Tudor and the modern day loaf of bread. 

Year 2 maths stay and learn

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the last stay and learn session in Year 2. It was a great time to ask advice about maths strategies currently used in Year 2 and to see different styles of learning and consolidation activities- games, times tables, practice papers, quizzes.

We hope you enjoyed having the opportunity to try out the resources and activities in the classrooms with your child.

There will be more sessions each half term- please keep an eye out for dates on the newsletters, blogs and facebook.

Many thanks,

Year 2 team

Thank you to Archie 'Cherry class photographer' for the photographs!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Abracadabra! Potions in Year One

Abracadabra! Potions in Year One 

The children in Year One have been learning about capacity and volume in maths this week. They have been using their new vocabulary to measure in full cups, half cups, nearly full cups and nearly empty cups to create some magical mystical potions! The children loved applying their new found knowledge in the potion stations and took their learning outside to experiment some more. 

We have even taken measurement a step further with standard units, looking at millilitres using the jugs and measuring cylinders in our water area. 

Great work with capacity Year One - well done for getting the measurements right and avoiding turning anyone into a frog!

Mulberry’s Class Certificates

Mulberry’s Class Certificates 

This week in Mulberry class Shivangi was awarded the E for Excellence for her brilliant instructions on how to make pancakes.  

Ana-K was presented with the Star Writer Certificate for remembering all of her sentence rules.

Vinnie was awarded his Bronze Certificate for completing his Bronze Tracker.

Charlie and Ellie-Maie were given Silver Certificates for completing their Silver Trackers.

Well done to John for reaching 20 silver merits on his Silver Tracker. 

Y2 Pancake Day

The children in year 2 enjoyed making their pancakes at school and eating them in the traditional way. We have been learning about the history of Pancakes and how different countries celebrate this.

"We have pancake races because in 1442 a lady was late for church when she was making hers so she ran to church with her pan!" Hannah
"In Wales they have a different name, Crempog, and they kick tin cans in the streets outside to celebrate" Ruby
"Pancakes are made because in the olden days people had to use up all their good ingredients in their kitchens ready for Lent" Livi

KS1 Science Week

It has been Science Week this week and children across the school have been having fun with extra science lessons, science workshops, shows and activities! 

The children learned lot of new things about gravity and forces and had a go at some of the demonstrations. Thank you to our mad scientist for the exciting shows!

If you would like to complete the Science Learning Challenge then have a look at our earlier blog. There is a chance to win a prize and options to complete your own experiments at home! Please bring in to Ms Hammond in Cherry class, or email in to school.