Thursday, 24 May 2018

Mulberry’s Star Writer

Mulberry’s Star Writer 

Tyler is the Star Writer in Mulberry class this week.  He worked hard to write a letter.  Well done Tyler!

Pine’s Star Writer

Pine's Star Writer

The star writer in Pine class this week, is awarded to Aaliyah.

Aaliyah remembered to include all of the skills she has been learning in Year 1, in her writing, using lots of punctuation, finger spaces and adjectives.

Well done Aaliyah, keep up the hard work!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Animal Quizzes

These eager readers have been completing Mr Maher's animal comprehension quizzes at home! 

The quizzes include information on squirrels, orangutans and amphibians, and are accessible either through a QR code on the back of your child's reading record, or by clicking here

Complete a quiz and bring in your answers for us to see for a potential merit!

Keep up the fabulous work at home, we look forward to more children making their comprehension brains stronger! 

Cedar Reading Cafe

We would like to extend a well deserved thank you to all the Cedar parents who came to one (or all!) of our Reading Cafe mornings. 

It was fantastic to see all of the shared reading, expressions, discussions and questions coming out between parents and their children. 

As mentioned during the mornings, the DfE has found that parent-child shared reading is the easiest and most effective way to boost a child's attainment, increase their chances of success later in life and provides some special bonding time. 

We hope that you all had as much fun as we did and will continue the incredible work you're doing with your children with nightly reading at home. 

Learning Challenges In Cedar!

Learning Challenges! 

These children have been doing some fantastic work at home, completing their learning challenges and taking on extra projects! 

Kaley designed and built her own castle, complete with a gate and towers! 

Katlyn researched about Georgia O'Keeffe, and even drew a flower in the style of the artist! 

Keep up the fantastic work everyone, we look forward to seeing more learning challenges come through!  

Year 2 Royal Celebrations

To celebrate the royal wedding, Year 2 had a royal tea party! The children wore masks of the royal couple, had juice and biscuits and tried scones with jam and cream- YUM!

This week we watched clips from the wedding and talked about the royal family and their role in society. Congratulations to Harry and Meghan from Cherry and Cedar!

"I loved trying the scones" Freddie
"We got to play party games and I won pass the parcel" Akunna
" I liked playing musical statues" Charlie

"Have a happy wedding day!" Sophie & Ollie
"They are getting married at St George's chapel in Windsor" Frankie

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Cherry Attendance reward - Jump Evolution!

Image result for attendance

Cherry class had a brilliant time last week at Jump Evolution.

They won the trip because they were the winners of the attendance league last term. Congratulations!

"80% of success is showing up!" Woody Allen

"I loved bouncing down the runway" Alfie
"We made balloon crowns" Nela
"Miss Estall jumped off the swing!" Maddison
"It's really lovely that the termly class attendance is rewarded in this way and the children know they are striving towards this goal. Consequently, attendance adds up. Missing only 2 days a month equates to 10% of the whole year!" Ms Hammond

Remember pupil job number 1 - turn up to school everyday, on time!