Friday, 16 November 2018

Broadford Raise Money for Children in Need

Broadford Raise Money for Children in Need 

Today the whole school took part in raising money for Children in Need. 

 The children dressed up in either yellow or spotty clothes. 

 Each year group took part in a coin race and competed to see who had the most coins on the playground.  Then each class took part in Dress the Teacher.  They used different materials and resources in the classroom to make a fun outfit for every teacher.  Throughout the week the children  have been busy baking cakes for our Teddy Bear Afternoon Tea.  The children brought their favourite teddy bears along to the tea party.  Parents and children attended the afternoon tea and bought cakes helping us to raise money for Pudsey.

 Everyone had a fun filled day raising money for Children in Need!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Awards in Year One

Awards in Year One

The children in Year one have already been busy earning rewards this half term. Well done to the children in Rowan Class who have earned their book marks for their fantastic reading at home!

Janiyah and Korey have earned certificates this week for demonstrating the 4R's. Janiyah has shown great resilience this week, persevering in different area's of her learning. Korey have shown fantastic resourcefulness in his ability to make links between his learning when working with 3D shapes in maths. Well done!

Kyle was awarded the Resilience award in Mulberry class. He persevered with his Maths work and he was able to name and describe the properties of  3D shapes. Well done Kyle! 

Year 2 Certificates

A huge congratulations to these certificate winners in Year 2! 
Well done to Gurrehmet and Amelia in Cherry for the Project Superstar certificates! 
And in Cedar, Aisling submitted a stunning Great Fire of London project complete with photos of her visiting the actual locations, such as Pudding Lane! 

Mia also submitted a beautiful autumnal inspired Great Fire of London picture, whilst Taylor received a  resilience certificate. 

Well done once again! We can't wait t see who this week's certificate winners are! 

Friday, 2 November 2018

Year 2 Potions

Year 2 had lots of fun experimenting with measuring to make their very own gruesome potions.
The children had to follow the instructions carefully in order to measure out the exact amount of ingredients, which included dragons blood and monster slime!
They extended their learning by writing their own set of ingredients before carefully measuring, mixing and making their potions.

I made a potion to turn you into a frog- Emily
Me and my friends made a slime potion - Adam

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fire fun in year 2!

Rounding off our last topic, we had a trip to our local fire station. The children had a tour around the quarters and learned about what happens when someone calls 999 for the fire brigade. They also learned about all the different aspects of training delivered in order to help at traffic accidents, different fire types and even cats up a tree!

The children were shocked to hear the firemen spend 10 hours at the fire station every day! They enjoyed hearing the sirens, sitting in the cab, looking at the new uniforms, trying the water hoses and the heat detector.

Back at school we ended our topic with our grand finale- recreating the scene of the Great Fire of London! The children have been making houses- we put them close together to recreate this time and show how quickly the fire spread from house to house. We sang the songs we have learned from 1666.

The children are looking forward to our next topic, where we shall be looking at the history of Bonfire Night!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Year 2 Spellings

Welcome back to school! Hope you had a lovely break. Here are the spellings for this week.

Group 1


Group 2


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Theatre Experience

The children in Year 2 had an enjoyable time when a theatre company came in to help them experience life from 1666. The children enjoyed hearing about what England was like under the rule of King Charles 2nd and living through the plague and the great fire.
Later, the children had a workshop to aid their learning of the topic and learn extra facts, which I'm sure the children have loved sharing with you at home!

Did you know?

The fire wiped out most of London and this had to be completely rebuilt over 50 years!
In March 1667, Samuel Pepys wrote that he could still see some cellars that were smoking from the fire – six months after it was put out!
Lots of people went to St. Paul’s Cathedral to escape from the fire because it was made from stone – stone does not burn. But, some of the roof was made from wood, so this didn’t turn out to be a very good plan.
On 4 September 2016 a wooden replica of the 1666 city was set ablaze on the Thames to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire
The houses that were rebuilt were made from bricks instead of wood, which doesn’t burn. The new streets were also designed to be wider, and sewers were installed so the city was more sanitary.
The great fire contributed to getting rid of the plague as it killed many of the rats which were assisting with the spreading of the disease.