Friday, 20 July 2018

Year 2 Chicks

Year 2 loved looking after the chicks in their class. They enjoyed watching them hatch in their incubator and grow (very quickly). The children observed how the chicks got bigger, growing more prominent feathers and larger wings and taller legs. The children were amazed as they hopped around trying to fly. Our chick monitors did a great job of caring for our chicks before we said goodbye to them and returned them to their home.

The children designed a run for the chicks, when they were big enough, and built toys for the chicks to play with. 

'I loved holding the chicks they were so soft and fluffy' Maddison
'The yellow chicks were girls and the brown were boys' Nathan
'I watched them be born!' Freddie

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Year 2 Star Writers

Well done to Leah, Lily and Rajaab; our Star Writers this week.

When they received a letter from Mrs Nichols stating she was thinking about taking away their independent learning time the children were mortified. 

"How can she do this?"

"How will we become independent?" They questioned. 

So. The children got there heads together and compiled a very convinceing list of reasons why independent learning/choice time was fundamental for their protests. They they each wrote their own persuasive letter to Mrs Nicholls. 

The girls both wrote powerful letters which convinced Mrs Nicholls to withdraw her comments and allow independent t time to be reinstated. They included emotive language, an if sentence and even a rhetorical question! Well done girls! 

Sports day cherry

Something eggciting is happening in year 2!

In year 2 the chicken eggs have arrived and we are hoping for some chicks in the next 24 hours! The children are very excited and already thinking of suitable names! We are on chick watch....

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Year 2 Park Visit

Tomorrow, Year 2 will be taking a walk to Central Park as an end of year treat (weather permitting). Please ensure children are wearing sun cream and hats/ glasses if they have them.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Mulberry’s Star Writer

Mulberry’s Star Writer 

Carla is the Star Writer this week in Mulberry class.  She wrote about her favourite thing that she took part in this year in Year 1.  Carla included conjunctions and adjectives.  Well done Carla! 

Pine’s Star Writer

Pine’s Star Writer

Thomas wins the title of star writer this week in Pine for his amazing piece of writing describing his most favourite thing he did in Year 1. Thomas used lots of features to make his writing interesting including adjectives and conjunctions. 
Well done Thomas, keep working hard!