Sunday, 10 January 2021

Year One- Week 2 Home Learning


Week 2

Quote of the Week

Good morning everyone,

A huge congratulations to all of the adults for completing the first week of Home Learning. We understand that home schooling can feel overwhelming but know that you are all doing an amazing job. 

Important message

The year12@broadford.havering.sch,uk mailbox has been busier than ever due to a larger engagement from parents. To help us manage this, each time you email please put you child's name and class in the subject box (e.g. subject: Alice- Beech Class). This will help ensure that your child's teacher opens the email. Thank you to everyone who did this last week.

If you haven't managed to access Google Classroom yet, please take a look at the Google Classroom set up guide.

Morning Greeting live video
We have loved the morning greetings and have been so pleased with the growing engagement. This will happen each morning (Monday- Thursday) at 9:30am (we have changed the time due to Joe Wick's live workouts). A link will be posted on the Google Classroom stream at 9:25. Please log on and mute your microphones. When the teacher has finished the morning greeting, you will have a chance to unmute your mic and say goodbye. Mrs Nicholls will then host a live assembly on Friday at 9:30am. 

Daily Readers- live video
Between 10am-12pm on your child's reading day you will receive a phone call from one of the Teaching Assistants (TA) in Year One, e.g. If your child is in Beech class and reads on a Tuesday, you will receive a phone call from Mr Cardwell every Tuesday between 10-12. The call will be from a withheld number. 
The TA will ask you to log on to google classroom and click on an invite link that they have shared with you. It would be helpful if you could please be ready to click the link. You will then be connected to a Google Meets live video (just like zoom). This will be 1:1 with just your child and the TA and last no longer than 10 minutes. This will be for a phonics activity only. This week the TAs will go through some sounds with the children and a few words from past phonics screening tests. 

Pre-recorded videos
Included in this weeks timetable are prerecorded videos for maths and literacy. We hope this will be helpful for each task and allow you to fit the learning in around your other commitments. There will also be a pre-recorded story for the children each day. 

Below is this week's home learning timetable. You can chose to follow it, or dip in and out as it suits you. Each day there will be a Maths, Literacy, PE, Topic and wellness session.

Click her for:

***Week 2 Home Learning Timetable***

Literacy | Petersburn Primary School, LCSC & nursery
This half term's book is called Traction Man
Please use the sound mat below to support your child with sounding out and spellings:
click here:Sound Mat

1KL weekly spellings 30.1.17 | Ashley Primary School

Here are your spellings for this week.  We will release the spelling test via video on Friday. The words for this week are as follows;

  • Animal 
  • Another
  • Any
  • Around
  • Away

Best Wishes

The Year One Team

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