Friday, 8 January 2021

Year One - Week 1 Celebration Certificates

Year 1 - Week 1 Celebration Certificates

Well done to Amelia in Walnut Class for your super effort in phonics when sounding out tricky words. Amelia shared her favourite toy and wrote adjectives to describe her unicorn.

Well done to Georgia in Apricot Class for your fantastic effort in Maths this week. Georgia has been doing lots of work on her number bonds to 20 and has drawn some brilliant pictures to represent them. Keep up the brilliant work Georgia!

Well done to George in Beech Class, for his excellent work with his home learning this week. George has been finding fun ways to learn his sounds, including creating ‘Silly Soup’ using his phonics. Well done George!

Well done to Tianna-Louise in Walnut Class for her super effort in writing one thing she would like to do this year. Tianna-Louise would like to learn to swim. Well done Tianna-Louise that’s a fantastic goal!

Well done to Ibukun, in Apricot Class for her brilliant Fact File about her favourite toy. Ibukun used lots of adjectives to describe her toy and presented her work beautifully. Well done Ibukun!

Well done to Evie in Beech Class for working hard on her writing this week. Evie completed all of the tasks set on the timetable and also did some extra writing to practise her story writing skills. Well done Evie, keep it up. 

The 4 R's - Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness

Well done to James in Walnut Class for showing resilience by creating his own 100 square. James wrote out his numbers to 100 and used it as a resource to help him find the missing numbers. Great effort, well done James! 

Well done to Laynie-Rae in Walnut Class, for showing resourcefulness in her super writing about her favourite toy Rainbow. Laynie-Rae described her toy as colourful with purple hands. Well done Laynie-Rae!

Well done to Emmy in Apricot Class, for showing resilience and working so hard on her online learning this week. Emmy has been working very hard completing the daily activities. Well done!

Well done to Safiyyah, in Beech Class, for showing resilience by sharing photos of herself practising her martial arts through watching videos on the internet. It was impressive to see that Safiyyah is not letting lockdown stop her from doing what she loves and finding ways to keep improving. 

Well done to Fariha in Beech Class for showing reciprocity and kindness to another child who was feeling a bit nervous about being back at school. Fariha included the other child in her play and made her smile. Fariha has completed all learning activities and made her friends smile with her enthusiasm. Well done Fariha!

Well done to all the children and grown ups this week, you've all made a brilliant start to the New Year!
Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Team

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