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Year 2 Week 2 Home Learning 11.01.2021

Good Morning Year 2,

Well done to everybody for their efforts with home learning last week, we know it isn't always easy but really appreciate the engagement we have had. We think you are all amazing! 

Quote of the Week

We have tried really hard to listen to feedback from parents and cater to all needs as much as possible. We know you all have different situations; some grown ups will be working, some homes will have lots of people using the ipad/computer, some grown ups will be looking after little siblings and we know that life at home is very busy! We want to motivate the children, support them to continue to learn in this time but also make sure home continues to be a happy and safe place.  Our timetable is a suggestion and you can choose how best to manage times for your child's learning. Try to ensure they complete a literacy, maths and reading task each day. 


When you look at the timetable at the bottom please note we have changed the time of the morning meet to 9:30 am. Joe Wicks is starting live lessons at 9am again and we know lots of children enjoy starting the day this way. Mrs Nicholls is also going to host an assembly at 10:30 am on Monday 11th January.  

Google Classroom

To anybody that has not managed to get on to google classroom please read this: Google Classroom set up guide. Email us at and we can call you to talk through it. We really want to see everybody there so we can stay connected!

Can we ask that as much as possible you submit work under Classroom and Tasks. Each day there will be a Maths, Literacy and Topic task. It helps your teachers to see and keep track of your work. We love seeing extra photos on the stream but if work is there sometimes we might miss it. 


It is lovely to see the children completing tasks. Just remember at school we would encourage them to be independent and use a sound mat to help them sound out if they get a little stuck. If children can type they could submit this way but for most children this age the best way to complete writing is using a pencil/pen and paper. Watch the hold a sentence video tomorrow here (Click on home) so you can see how writing is modelled using phonics. This may mean not every word is spelt correctly, this is fine, when your teachers mark the work they will remind them of the red words they should remember how to spell and so can you. 

Here is a sound mat


We know it is not a replacement for real books but Oxford Owl E books are the best place to go for books your children can sound out at the moment.  The children will be familiar with these books as it is already part of our readings scheme. The colours match to their current reading colours. To gain access to these great resources, sign up for FREE at Continuing to read and apply phonics skills is really important. 

Children can read the stories more than once. The first time they read they will be focusing on decoding, which means sounding out their words and this may take them a while. The second time they read start to encourage the children to sound out the words in their head (some children might need to whisper the sounds). The aim is to increase the speed and fluency so the children can focus on understanding what they are reading. Finally they can focus on using expression when reading the story and answering questions about what is happening.

You can also use library books/ books from home. 

Live Google Meets

We have loved seeing the children's faces on Google Meet sessions! So many of you have managed to tune in, a big well done to you all! We will continue these sessions but as Joe Wicks is now starting will alter the time to 9:30 am. Story sessions will continue to be at 2:30pm. Now we are getting really good with our technology we thought we would add some class google meets.

This week there will be a chance for your class to meet in a more interactive way than possible with the whole year group, we can play some games together! There will be two short sessions one on Tuesday at 1:15 pm and one on Thursday at 1:15pm. Each class will have a seperate meeting code. 

Pet Parade

On Thursday we decided that we would also like to get our animals involved! Please prepare your pets for  the Google Meet at 1:15pm on Thursday, you can show them off and talk about how you look after them ready for your Science lesson after. Don't worry if you don't have a pet, stuffed animals or even garden mini-beasts are welcome and we can all listen and watch! Details will be given on Google Classroom. 

Daily Readers- live video
Make sure you check for your google meet code on your reading day! We have loved hearing you read! 

Pre-recorded videos
Most tasks this week will come with a pre-recorded video to explain or model how to complete them. We hope this helps. Just click on the link and the video will open.

Here is the timetable for Week 2. Please note some links for later in the week will be added on Tuesday. We will also add this to the task in Google Classroom so it is easy for you all to see. 

Again we really thank you for all your support. If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at This is quite a busy mail box at the moment so if you type your child's name and class in the subject it will help us get back to you quickly.

Best Wishes,
The Year 2 Team 

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