Tuesday, 13 March 2018

KS1 Science Week Challenge

To celebrate British Science Week, we are running a science based learning
challenge where the children can pick one or more of the challenges below to
complete at home. This year’s theme is ‘Exploration & Discovery’.
There will be a prize awarded to the child with the best homework project
from each year group. Please submit any completed work to Ms Hammond in Cherry class by
Wednesday 21st March. Winners will be announced during the E for Excellence Assembly.

Paper copies have been sent out with further details of experiments!

Written challenges:
Albert Einstein Jane Goodall



Draw a portrait of the person.

Write out 5 facts about Einstein or his work.

Create a poster showing your own science theories/ ideas.
Make a collage of Goodall detailing her famous studies.

Write a short biography or make a poster about Goodall.

Create a modern news article report about Goodall.

Practical challenges:
Can you complete a science experiment and create a poster or video of your results?
Get an adult to help you!

For more info follow this link: Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

For more info follow this link:Balloon Inflating

For more info follow this link:Lava Experiment

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