Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Year 2 Plant Things to Eat

The children in Year 2 have got green fingers after their busy week weeding and preparing the soil to then sow seeds. They demonstrated great reciprocity by working together to use various tools and got the soil in perfect condition, ready for planting.

"The soil needs to be ready otherwise it won't grow well" Leah Sharpe

"All the weeds are gone now. They cant kill our nice potatoes" Callie

They then planted the different seeds which they will monitor and watch grow over the coming term. This includes potatoes, strawberries and beans! The children now can't wait to take a bite of the fruits of their labour. 

This was thanks to our personal gardener, Mr Wright, who has been over-seeing the process to ensure our we are treating our crops well...Thank you Mr Wright!  

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on our planting progress!

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