Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter - Summer Term

Dear Parents and Carers,
Year 2 – Summer Curriculum Newsletter
Welcome back to the Summer Term! This term promises to be a busy one in Year 2. We have lots of exciting opportunities and experiences available for the children and cannot wait to get started! Children will also be completing their end of Key stage assessments in May but please remember that these do not form the full judgment on your child’s attainment.
Remember, our expectation at Broadford is that every child should do the following every night:
·         15 minutes reading to themselves or an adult and note in the reading record
·         15 minutes practicing spellings
·         15 minutes rehearsing times tables facts (including multiplication and division)

If children would like to attempt an additional challenge, we have a new Learning Challenge for children to attempt this Summer term which is attached. All of the activities are based around a significant person, poem or painting relating to our topics. Children do not have to attempt every activity but instead select the activities that they are most interested in and compile a project that reflects the extra time and effort that they have put into their challenge. We hope that children will take their time with the challenge.

Spellings will be given out on Mondays. The children should practise their words every evening. The test will take place on Fridays.
Trips & sharing assemblies
Cherry will be hosting their sharing assembly on 25th April.
Year 2 will be visiting the Park for a Science workshop (date tbc) and the Tower of London on 22nd June. We will also be welcoming some feathery additions into our classes…date to be kept as a surprise…
Curriculum Information
We have included a summary of the topics, which the children will be covering this term. If you would like to make any suggestions of what you or your child would like to learn in relation to the topics taught, please let the team know. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss Estall          Miss Hammond          Mr Jackson         
Year 2 Leader                 Cherry teacher                  Cedar teacher

1st Half Term
2nd Half Term

Dungeons and Dragons – Castles - The Tower of London
Dungeons and Dragons – The Battle of Hastings
RWI and Literacy and Language

RWI and Literacy and Language
Please fill in the reading record after hearing your child read.
For a good selection of children books visit your local library.
Useful web links-

Position and Direction   
Length & height

Mass, capacity & temperature.
Problem solving
Please practice the times tables with your children. We complete Rock Stars Maths daily. Children may take home the sheet they are on to practice. It needs to be completed in 5 minutes to move onto the next sheet.
Useful websites:
To use the internet purposefully – maps/research

You could visit the Science Museum. Admission is free. Located at Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD.
Features of Castles
The Tower of London
Comparing Castles
The Battle of Hastings
Methods of attack
Music lessons Thursday afternoons with a music teacher.
Music lessons Thursday afternoons with a music teacher.
Art/ Design and Technology
Georgia O’Keeffe
Woodwork – designing and making
Andy Warhol
Woodwork – designing and making

Going for goals

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