Friday, 16 October 2020

Year One - Week 6's Celebration Certificates



Week 6's certificates

Congratulations to Roman in Apricot Class for his fantastic effort this week using 10 frames in Maths. Well done for persevering Roman, keep up the good work!

Billy from Beech Class for his excellent attitude towards his learning. Billy has been working hard in all areas and has shown incredible resilience. Keep it up Billy!


Lily in Walnut Class for her fantastic effort in using the 10 square to answer mathematical questions. Lily confidently shared her learning with the other children and worked collaboratively with other children to create her own sums.

Well done to Nasrat in Apricot Class, for his fantastic storyboard writing this week in Literacy. Nasrat independently sounded out his words to spell them, great job Nasrat!

Well done to Siana from Beech Class for her retelling of the story Beegu. Siana used her sounds to write her story independently.

Well done to Connie in Walnut Class for re-telling the story of Beegu using the skill of story mapping and writing about how Beegu tried to phone her mum and dad. Well done Connie!

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