Friday, 9 October 2020

Year One - Week 5's Celebration Certificates


Week 4's certificates

It's that time of the week again when we celebrate so of the hard work we have seen this week. Check out these amazing children:

Arnish, for his brilliant use of the Maths area this week, Arnish has been creating patterns and building structures, well done!

Flynn, for his super effort in writing a question for Beegu and independently practiced the red words during choosing time. Flynn demonstrated a positive attitude to learning, well done Flynn!

Pragya, for her wonderful work in maths. Pragya listened carefully during our group work and then was able to partition numbers independently using the 'part-whole model' method. Great job, Pragya!

Teddy, for creating a fantastic story at the writing table, Teddy used the sound mat to spell his words independently, keep up the great work!

Veer, for his great effort in writing about the timeline of Neil Armstrong’s journey into space in History. Well done Veer!

Dhriti, for her amazing writing this week. Dhriti came up with some interesting questions she would ask Beegu, if she ever met her! Keep it up, Dhriti!

Well done Year One, keep up the amazing work!

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