Monday, 13 July 2020

Week 14 - Home learning - Year 2

Week 14 

Home learning - Year 2 

Year One | Huntingdon Primary School

Good morning everyone,

It feels very strange writing this weeks blog as it is our last week of Summer term which means its the last week of Year 2. We would like to congratulate all the children for staying motivated in these uncertain times, you have all been amazing! It is very sad that we won't be able to say good bye to our classes but we wish them the best of luck for Year 3. We have been working closely with our Year 3 team and they're currently planning exciting lessons for you all.

This week you will be receiving a call from your child's current teacher to discuss your child's end of year report and also a call from their teacher next year so they can introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. These calls will most probably come from a withheld/unknown number, so look out for the call.

This week we have planned lots of exciting transition activities for you to complete, please see the timetable below:

Week 14 - Home learning

We would also like to thank all of the parents/carers for their hard work over these last 14 weeks. It has been a very challenging time but we have made it through together.
Enjoy a well deserved summer holiday!

                                                                               Take care,
                                                                         The Year Two Team

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