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Week 11 Home Learning- Year 1

Y6 Home Learning | Springfield Primary Academy
Week 11 Home Learning

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Good morning everyone,

We hope everyone is well and ready for Week 11 Home Learning! 

Important Information for Reception Parents | Stead Lane Primary

Broadford are rolling out an email and text system to help improve our communication with you. We are hoping to collect the information as quickly as possible so we are able to get it up and running ASAP. Please support us by filling in the form below. It will take 1 minute.
Please click- important information required
Please share this information with parents who may not see it on our blog. Thank you to the 24 parents who spotted the form on the Facebook page already. The school office will call anyone who does not respond to the form.

Sun cream
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If you are heading into school today and tomorrow, please make sure you apply your all day sun cream as we are going to be doing lots of outdoor learning. This week will be ☀️☀️☀️!

How parents can cope with their own back-to-school anxiety ...
If you are thinking about returning to school, please ensure you read the following information and fill out the form.
Year One Returning to School- information and form

How to Create Your First Google Classroom - EdTechTeam

If you haven't yet got your password, please email us at with 'Google Classroom' in the subject heading. We will then reply within 24hrs with your child's log in details.

Class 6 Timetables | Blakedown Primary School

As always, below is week 10's timetable. Remember, you can chose to follow it, or dip in and out as it suits you. Each day there will be a maths, literacy, PE, topic and wellness session.

Click here for: Week 11 Home learning Timetable
Literacy | Petersburn Primary School, LCSC & nursery
This week we continue to base our learning on, 'The Jolly Postman, or other people's letters'.

Log on to the timetable to listen to Miss Chappel read: 

If you find the literacy too challenging, please use the literacy plan below:

Week 11 daily sentences

Please use the sound mat below to support your child with sounding out and spellings:

Sound Mat

1KL weekly spellings 30.1.17 | Ashley Primary School
We have already blogged and sent home 200 common exception words that we would like the children to focus on.
Every week, we will be releasing 6 of these words for you to focus on. Every Friday, we will release the spelling test via video. The words for this week are as follows;

  • Mrs
  • Told
  • Full
  • One
  • Today
  • Break

Word Math Clipart

Each week we set tasks on Mathletics, which the teachers can log on to and see how the children are getting on. If you need us to resend your Mathletics log in details, please email us at with 'Mathletics' in the subject heading. As well as Mathletics, don't forget to check out Rockstar Maths-

Please continue to practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables daily an work on number bond to 10, moving on to number bonds to 20.

The answer is...
Can you give this a go? Think about what operations you could use... add, subtract, divide and multiplication. 

For those of you missing Forest School, you could create your own forest school on your daily walks.\

Build a Terrarium

A terrarium is a completely self-supporting ecosystem. Build your own and watch it come to life! You'll need a glass container, some plants, and a few easy-to-find supplies from your local hardware store to get started. Your kids will love watching their terrarium thrive throughout the summer.Terrarium Activity for Kids

Instructions for a DIY terrarium

Super Science | Whitestone Infant School
Some of the science that we are sending out will come from the following website: To access the links, you will need to sign up. It is completely FREE and will give you access to a range of interesting science resources.

Final FS2 Phonics Workshop

Remember to watch the daily phonics sessions on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel:

Hall, Patti - 1st Grade / Reading

We cannot stress enough how important reading with your child each day is. We understand that with home learning, trying to fit everything in will be a challenging task in itself. Please can we ask that, if possible, you prioritise reading every day, even if its just for 10 minutes.

Oxford Owl reading website are offering free access to their books online. The children will be familiar with these books as it is already part of our readings scheme. The colours match to their current reading colours. To gain access to these great resources, sign up for FREE at

Children can read the stories more than once. The first time they read they will be focusing on decoding, which means sounding out their words and this may take them a while. The second time they read start to encourage the children to sound out the words in their head (some children might need to whisper the sounds). The aim is to increase the speed and fluency so the children can focus on understanding what they are reading. Finally they can focus on using expression when reading the story and answering questions about what is happening.

Children learning to blend and read simple words such as 'cat' or 'went' will be learning Set 1 sounds and reading Ditty or red books.
Children learning Set 2 sounds will start to read Green, Purple and Pink.
Children learning Set 3 sounds will start to read Yellow, Blue then Grey.

If you are unsure of your child's book colour send an email to the shared mailbox and your child's teacher can advise you further. Happy reading!

Other reading resources
Reading to children is still really important. If you are struggling to access books at home Cbeebies have a daily bed time story. Try to watch this with your child and talk about what happened after: Bedtime stories.

Don't forget to check out Mr Maher's reading website. The site is based on animals and has some great photos and facts. There are also some quizzes the children can take part in.


Daily lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize
The BBC are releasing 3 lessons each day tailored to children of all ages. There is also a bank of child friendly resources on their website, ranging from activities and worksheets, to video clips and photos. If you would like to check these out, click on the following link: BBC Daily Lessons

Glitter Graphics: the community for graphics enthusiasts!

Take care,
The Year One Team

NHS and Key Workers Window Sticker – Wraptor Signs

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