Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fire fun in year 2!

Rounding off our last topic, we had a trip to our local fire station. The children had a tour around the quarters and learned about what happens when someone calls 999 for the fire brigade. They also learned about all the different aspects of training delivered in order to help at traffic accidents, different fire types and even cats up a tree!

The children were shocked to hear the firemen spend 10 hours at the fire station every day! They enjoyed hearing the sirens, sitting in the cab, looking at the new uniforms, trying the water hoses and the heat detector.

Back at school we ended our topic with our grand finale- recreating the scene of the Great Fire of London! The children have been making houses- we put them close together to recreate this time and show how quickly the fire spread from house to house. We sang the songs we have learned from 1666.

The children are looking forward to our next topic, where we shall be looking at the history of Bonfire Night!

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