Thursday, 4 October 2018

Reading Morning in Year 2

A huge thank-you to everyone who came to support our reading morning in Year Two. The children loved having you and were excited to be able to show off their reading to you and show you around their classes! In school, we teach the children phonics every day to help them learn sounds which they can pick out of words and this helps them to decode the whole word itself. We also teach 'tricky' words that aren't decode-able and these are taught as flash cards. The children then look for these words as they read a variety of books.

We also work on spellings and comprehension. When reading we look at how to select important information and how to answer questions about texts that we have read. As you may have seen in the classes this morning,  there will be a reading comprehension SATs paper to be taken in May. Your child will be expected to read a booklet and answer a series of questions about a variety of texts, usually fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

There are lots of things you can do to support your child with their reading. 
Completing homework (15mins reading every day) will help your child practise what they have been learning in school and will assist with their speed, accuracy and comprehension- don't forget to always ask questions at the end!
There are lots of lovely online games the children enjoy playing- phonicsplay, phonicsbloom, bbc bitesize.
Online tutorials are also useful- we recommend you tube 'scratch garden' to help with grammar (and also times tables!).
Finally, all reading is helpful- so ask your child to help you read everything you encounter- shop names, recipes, shopping lists, DVD blurbs, train station stops- reading is everywhere!

If anyone has any questions regarding reading, feel free to email the team or ask for an appointment with your class teacher at the front office. We will also be giving out parent evening slots next week- look out for the note in your child's bag.

Many thanks,
The Year Two Team

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