Friday, 6 July 2018

Rowan Classes baking extravaganza!!!

Rowan Class are brilliant bakers!

What an exciting week! Year One have been very busy putting their baking skills to the test! The children came into school very excited to bake and decorate their creations. They gathered all of their ingredients that they bought at the shop last week and got ready to start baking!

The children worked collaboratively to carefully weigh out the ingredients. They followed the recipe closely, cracking eggs and whisking their mixture until it was just right. The children had already written letters to our cook Michelle, requesting to borrow the ovens in the kitchen so they carefully carried them to her ready to be put in the oven.

Then it was time for the fun part... decorations! The children had complete ownership of their designs and decided on the colors of the icing and the decorations they wanted to use.

Have a look at the photos below at their exciting journey from baking to hosting their own tea party!

David, Adrian, Naiara, Thabang, Ruby and Harvy!

Mixing the ingredients...

Decorating their cake...

The final creation...

And finally our lovely parents joining their child for a tea party!  

Charlie, Louie, Richie and Riley

First came the making and baking! Then they unleashed their creativity...

And look at the results....

And then the children were able to host a tea party for their lovely parents!

Elsie-Rose, Ceejay and Courtney

First came the pouring, mixing and whisking...

Then they decorated it...

The it was ready to present to their parents...

Thank you to our fab parents for coming! The children loved celebrating with you...

Kayne, Lilly and Abdulmalik

They mixed, they whisked and they baked!

Look at those very proud faces and we can see why! Thank you parents for coming and joining us at the tea party!

Livi, Layla, Sophia, Miley, Lilly, Amelia, Madalina, and Siena! 

The girls used reciprocity and worked together to mix the ingredients, ensuring that everyone had a turn. 

Then, using everyone's ideas, the decorated it... and didn't it look amazing!

Thank you to our fantastic parents who were able to come in and join their children and celebrate their hard work. 

Well done to all of the children, you all worked so hard and your efforts paid off!

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