Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Fire Safety in Year 2!

Last week, Year 2 had a talk from the London Fire Brigade about fire safety. They learned how to keep safe in the home and school. The instructor informed us about what to do when you find a fire and gave some tips on how to stay safe in a difficult situation. 

Did you know that a typical wood door can keep fire away for 20 minutes? Fire safety doors ensure a longer time. After calling 999, a fire rescue team will be with you in no longer than 6 minutes.
If you suspect fire on the other side of the door, you can check if the door is hot by using the back of your hand to avoid burning, rather than trying the door handle.

Each home should have a fire alarm in order to alert you to a fire, especially helpful for at night in case you are asleep. If you need assistance with this you can call the LFB to support you and they will check your house for fire safety.

For more information, including how to plan an escape route please see the website, or the fire safety card sent home:  LFB

'If you see a fire  you call 999' Freddie S
'The fire fighters need to get to you in 6 minutes' Maddison
'The fire fighters help with traffic accidents, rescuing trapped people and fires' Sophie

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