Monday, 1 July 2019

Year One go shopping!

Year One go shopping!

This week, Year One have been visiting the shops to buy the ingredients for the cakes they will be making in the coming weeks.

As part of their 'Scrum-diddly-umptious' topic, the children have chosen their groups and shown great reciprocity in designing a final cake design. They wrote letters to Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Marsh to ask if they could have £1 each to buy the ingredients and luckily they said yes! Each group then had a chance to take their pound to the shops and work as a team to buy the ingredients on their shopping lists.

The children thoroughly enjoyed looking for decorations for their cake. They showed great reciprocity skills in their ability to work in collaboration and consider everyone's ideas. We are now very excited to make our cakes! We hope that lots of parents can join us for the tea parties to taste them.

Check the date of your child's tea party below;

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