Friday, 28 May 2021

Year 1 Week 6 Celebration Certificates


Year 1- Week 6 Celebration Certificates

E for Excellence 

Kiara, in Apricot, for writing a brilliant story about a witch who lived in a spooky, spooky house. Well done for using adjectives to make your story such an exciting read Kiara, great work!

Teddy, in Beech, for his hard work in class. Teddy has been working hard on his Maths, partitioning numbers up to 20. He has been using a number line and numicon to help him show his understanding. 

Joshua, in Walnut, for consistently working hard in every subject. Joshua is a kind member of the class and a good friend to everyone.

Star Writer 

Ibukun, in Apricot, for writing an exciting story about a treasure hunt in a mysterious land. Ibkun used her imagination to write a thrilling story, well done Ibukun!

Abdul-Aziz, in Beech, for his wonderful story this week. Abdul-Aziz made up a fantastic story and was able to tell it to his class it. He then wrote it down independently. Super job, Abdul-Aziz!

Veer, in Walnut, for always producing writing to a high standard. Veer thinks about his writing and always has good ideas.


Freddie, in Apricot, for persevering with his story writing, even though he was finding it challenging to apply his sounds. Brilliant work Freddie!


Jack, in Apricot, for taking time to think of his story and write his sentences. Well done on your hard work Jack!

James, in Walnut, for adapting his learning when the task gets tough. James thinks about how he can improve what he is doing, and implements it. 

Jessica, in Walnut, for working hard in literacy, adapting her story book to include adjectives.

Lilly, in Walnut, for working well with others outside to make the plank of wood 

travel down the hill. Lily worked as part of a team, contributing her ideas with others.  

Aayan, in Beech, for working on his expression. Ayaan listened to feedback about the story he created and was able to reread it using a ‘story teller’ voice. 

Happy teacher

Louis and Kemar, in Apricot, for trying their best in all their lessons this week. Keep up the brilliant work!

Peace, in Beech, for his super building skills. Peace has been inspiring others with his creativity. He created a double storey railway track.

Have a fantastic weekend!

The Year One Team

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