Friday, 21 May 2021

Year 1's Learning in Week 5

                                                                    Year One's Learning

Take a look at what Year One have been learning this week...


In Literacy this week, the children have become storytellers. They have been making up their own stories and telling them to their teachers. Then, each class has acted out the children's stories. The children have loved stepping into character and acting out their own and their friends' stories. The children have also created story maps of their stories, drawing pictures and writing descriptive sentences for each part of their story. 

Next week in Literacy we will be continue to work on our own stories. The children will narrate their own stories to their peers in small groups, taking the chance to work on their expression and storytelling skills. They will also be writing their story down, in their own story book, remembering to use adjectives to make their story interesting! 

Key Vocabularystory, once upon a time, next, after, then, before, small, large, big, strong, beautiful, quiet, dark, bright, slimy, scaly

Click here to learn about: Adjectives

In Maths this week, we have been looking at halving shapes. The children loved these tasked as it allowed them to get creative by drawing and cutting up shapes. Some of the children even managed to grasp the concept of quarters, by having their shapes and halving it again! 

Next week in maths, we will be looking at partitioning again and also adding ten to a number by using the hundred square. A lot of our focus will be on generating a 2 digit number and fining different ways to represent how many tens are in a number and how many ones.  

Key Vocabulary: Partition, tens, ones, digits, altogether, partitioning, adding 10, hundred square, quantity, numicon, dienes

Click here to play a partitioning game using dienes : Number Sharks!


We had a super science lesson this week focusing on our senses. Tak a look at the pictures below. can you work out what we were doing? 

Next week in Science, we are going to be describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals. We we look at the features and discuss why certain animals have these. We will be thinking about how it helps them everyday. 

Key Vocabulary: Skeleton, feathers, lay eggs, tails, fur, fins, meat, fly, omnivore, carnivore, herbivore

Click here to learn about: Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores


We had a very interesting History lesson this week learning about transport in Tudor times. The children were able to see how transport has changed over the years. 

Next week we will be looking at Tudor houses. We will be looking at the different features of a Tudor house and comparing them to the houses we live in today. We will then use a range of materials to create our own Tudor houses. 

Key Vocabulary: Beams, windows, thatched roof, past, present, rich, poor. 

Click here to learn more facts about the Tudors and Tudor homes


We love Spring Time in Year One. It brings new sights, smells and sounds! The children have had lots of fun making nest, exploring shadows and making assort courses. 

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