Tuesday, 19 October 2021



Children can come to school dressed in their PE kits on Friday as we finish the half term with our Sports for Schools sponsored event and a visit from professional sprinter Frederick Afrifa.

Bright Colours Carnival Non Uniform Day TOMORROW Wednesday


On Wednesday pupils are invited to come to school dressed in bright colours for our Black History Month celebration. The pupils have focused on carnival and all pupils will be taking part in a conga line.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Year 1 Awards 15.01.2021



We have had another great week and there has been so much to celebrate in Year 1! 

These children have worked extremely hard and have been rewarded for all of their hard work and efforts.

E for Excellence


The E for excellence award goes to Ksenijia for working extremely hard to add numbers to 10. Well done Ksenijia!

Apricot: Leo 

Leo has been making good choices both inside and outside of the classroom. Leo has been a great role model when sitting on the carpet. He has been showing good listening and contributing to class discussions. 



Maalik, you have been working super hard on your writing skills in the RWI sessions and the Topic sessions. You completed a fantastic story map using full sentences and your phonic knowledge! Well done Maalik!




  Star Writers 


Walnut: Ryan

Ryan worked hard to use a story map to retell the story of Beegu. Ryan used his sounds to help him spell tricky words. Well done Ryan!



Apricot: Max

Max has been trying hard with his writing. He worked really hard on writing questions, remembering the question mark at the end of the sentence. He was also able to correct his letter formation when he made a mistake. 


Robyn, you have worked super hard to complete your topic writing. You have created a fantastic story map for Beegu. Well done Robyn!







Learning Power Awards

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life. 



These children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective  ideas and methods from others. 


This has been awarded to: Elliot- Ellis 


These pupils have planned carefully, revised ideas, identified key features and can talk about their learning. 


This has been awarded to:Oscar



These children have demonstrated perseverance, managed distractions, noticed patterns and been absorbed in their tasks. 



This has been awarded to:






I Made My Teacher Happy Award 

This has been awarded to: Adyaan 

Adyaan has been completing lots of reading at home which is great. He has also  been taking part in some of the Maths challenges which has shown that he is doing lots of learning at home as well as school. Well Done Adyaan!



Ayat worked very hard to complete his maths work. He was able to add numbers to 10 independently. Well done Ayat.



 Maths Challenge 

This has been awarded to:

Nikita, Jessica, Tesha, Amaira, Aryaan, Ayana, Ite, Aadya and Nyasa.







Sunday, 17 October 2021

Year 1 Week 7 Learning



This week, we have been retelling the story of Beegu and mapping the key events in the book.

Next week, we will be learning to write a diary entry. The children will be writing in the role of Beegu. They will be writing about significant moments in Beegu’s stay on earth after her spaceship crash landed! Alternatively,  their diary entry could be about the joyous moment Beegu was reunited with her parents after her stay on earth. Oh what unadulterated joy she must have felt!

Diary Entry


This week we have been adding one-digit and two-digit numbers using a ten frame and number sentences.

Part-Whole Model

Level 5

Next week we'll be subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers using a number line writing numbers sentences. 


10 Frames

Number Line Subtraction

Black History Month

We have been learning about Black History, which is celebrated each year in October. It is a chance to celebrate the achievements  of Black people in the past and present. The children have been learning about important Black people and the impact they have had on our society.

Did you know? 

In the USA, Black History Month is celebrated in February each year!

Forest School

Apricot Class learnt about how a fire is started with a mix of fuel, oxygen and heat. They had their first experience of toasting marshmallows and making s’mores. They also made plate spinners using a variety of items they found and enjoyed watching them spin in the wind. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Welly Boots Wanted!


Welly Boots Wanted! 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We need your help! If you have any welly boots that are too small for your child and you would be willing to donate them to Reception, we would be VERY grateful! Please send them in with your child to pass to their class teacher.

Thank you in advance.

The Reception Team  

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Year 1 Week 6 Learning



This week we have been learning about the difference between a question and statement and writing our own questions. 

Next week, we will be retelling the story of Beegu and story mapping the key events in the book.


This week we have been adding one-digit and two-digit numbers using a part-whole model and number sentences.

Part-Whole Model

Next week we'll be learning about adding one-digit and two-digit numbers using a ten frame and writing numbers sentences. 




This week we have been learning about search engines and keeping safe when using the internet. 

Next week we will be using our search engines to log into our different learning accounts.

Forest School

Apricot Class had a busy morning exploring using their senses. They experimented with the sense of touch through their feet on the barefoot trail and using the sensory bags. After they used the binoculars to go bird watching and made some bird feeders too. Apricot class loved squelching in the mud and jumping  in puddles left by the early morning rainstorm.

Monday, 11 October 2021

KS1 Maths Challenge - 11.10.21

   Please find this week's maths challenges below. 

Make sure to hand it in to your class teacher by Thursday in order to receive your certificate in Friday's assembly . Good luck!