Thursday, 1 April 2021


Year 2 - Week 4 Celebration Certificates

Year 2 have had a EXCELLENT week  and have earned themselves lots of certificates.

Here are this weeks winners:

E for E - 

Pine-  Aida for her fantastic story writing! Aids used her story mountain to write her own version of ‘Lost and Found’.

Mulberry -  

Rowan - 

Star writer - 

Mulberry- Ryan - For his fantastic version of 


Pine -  Eleni for working hard on her story writing this week


Reflectiveness - Megan - For reflecting on PSHE lessons and spreading her positivity across the whole of Year 2. 

Monday, 29 March 2021

Year 2 Parents Evening

                                                Apologies for the inconvenience PINE and ROWAN parent's evening appointments will be moved to Wednesday 31st March. The same time slot requested will be given. If you are unable to attend your appointment on Wednesday please email and we will organise an alternative time. 

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Year 2 Science

Over the time we have been back the children have been looking closely at animals. We have been learning about life cycles, habitats and food chains. To support the children to reflect on their practical learning and encourage them to continue this in their independent time we are creating class 'big books'. 

"The grass is the producer at the bottom of the food chain" Elise
"The fox is a predator!" Miraz 

Year 2 Certificates - 26.03.21


Year 2 - Week 3 Celebration Certificates

Year 2 have had a EXCELLENT week  and have earned themselves lots of certificates.

Here are this weeks winners:

E for E - 

Pine- Aida

For her fantastic re-telling of 'Lost and Found' Well done for using actions and key words to remember the story. 

Mulberry - Ali 

For his great Maths work, he showed great understanding of how to find missing numbers and was keen to challenge himself further. 

Rowan - Reagan 

For his excellent Maths work this week, he has shown fantastic understanding of column method to solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Star writer - 


For her great re-tell of the 'Lost and Found' story. Lexi remembered all the key events and used her actions to act it out. 

Rowan- Scarlett

For using exciting adjectives to describe her character.


Reciprocity- Asad 

For his catching and throwing skills in PE.

Certificate for Presentation - Karimah 

For working hard to improve her handwriting. 

Friday, 26 March 2021

Year 1 - Week 5 Celebration Certificates

Year 1 - Week 5 Celebration Certificates

Jessica, in Walnut, for trying her best in all of her learning activities this week. Jessica thought about capacity and volume using the vocabulary of full, half full, nearly full and empty in Maths. Jessica planted an apple seed and spent the last two weeks checking on it and watering it each day to see if it will grow into an apple tree. A super week of learning and exploration Jessica, well done! 

Louis, in Apricot, for taking great care of his Sunflower seed. Louis decided that his Sunflower seed would need soil, water and sunlight to survive. Louis carefully planted his Sunflower seed and is watering it each day so that it can grow! 

Safiyyah, in Beech, for her amazing independent story book. Safiyyah chose to create a story book with a front cover and illustrations. She then wrote a story about Fairy Land and included some fantastic speech. Well done for showing independence and being resourceful. 

Dina, in Walnut, for her fantastic effort thinking about snails, writing ‘snails shells are big and heavy and also homes’. Well done Dina!

Evie, in Apricot, for researching and labelling her snail. Evie used her sounds to spell the parts of the snail’s body. Super work Evie!

Fariha, in Beech, for her fantastic writing. Fariha has been working hard to write with more independence. She wrote a brilliant piece all about snails, using finger spaces, full stops, capital letters and used her sounds!

Reflectiveness - Kamari for his super effort in phonics this week. Kamari tried his best in his writing and thought about the sounds he used in his phonics lesson. Well done Kamari!

Resourcefulness - for Teddy and Kemar for setting up an iPad to film their Sunflower seed as it starts to grow. Good thinking!

I have made my teacher happy- George for his fantastic efforts learning at home. Miss Chappel was super pleased to hear about how George has been concentrating and working hard.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 1 Team

Year 1- Week 5 Learning


Week 5 Learning in Year 1


This week we have been exploring capacity again. The children worked in pairs to order the bottles from empty to full. They compared the bottles and spoke about which bottles had more or less liquid and the order they should go in. The different shaped containers cased quite a debate!

Next week we will be focusing on place value, numbers under 50. For this we will be using dienes and the part-whole model.

Click her for a maths games using dienes


The children are super excited to find a snail for our class pet. We have spoken about how we need to be responsible pet owners and find out about what we need to to do to provide a good habitat.  The children really enjoyed researching snails through books and videos and recording their new knowledge. 

Snail Facts Video

Where are you snails? 

Are you on the path? Or by the tree? 

Are the snails underground?

Next week we will be reading 'Snail and the Whale'. Snail and the Whale animation


This week we have been looking at seeds! The children were super excited to plant their seeds and see what would grow. We discussed as a class what plants needed to grow. The children spoke about water, sunlight, oxygen and soil. 

The children were given a range of resources to choose from, including; soil, cotton wool, pots, sandwich bags and water. They children made their own choice about what they wanted to use to grow their seeds. After they planted their seed, they chose whether they wanted to put it by the window for sunlight or in the cupboard for darkness.

Next week we will be be looking at the changes in the environment in spring time.

A time lapse of winter to spring


We have been making vehicles in the wood work.

We have LOVED digging for worms and looking after our plants. 

We have had a great time creating a thrown fit for a King or Queen in our loose parts area.
And making a place where we can relax and have a catch up with our friends. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Year 2 Geography

 We have looked at features of our school environment and discussed whether they are human or physical. The children looked closely at our outdoor area and created maps to represent the most important features. They even created keys to show what each shape represented. We think they are fantastic Geographers!

"This is the large sandpit, it's near Pine class" Eddie

"This is the science area where we are going plants. Look it's behind the reading shed." Ryan