Sunday, 28 March 2021

Year 2 Certificates - 26.03.21


Year 2 - Week 3 Celebration Certificates

Year 2 have had a EXCELLENT week  and have earned themselves lots of certificates.

Here are this weeks winners:

E for E - 

Pine- Aida

For her fantastic re-telling of 'Lost and Found' Well done for using actions and key words to remember the story. 

Mulberry - Ali 

For his great Maths work, he showed great understanding of how to find missing numbers and was keen to challenge himself further. 

Rowan - Reagan 

For his excellent Maths work this week, he has shown fantastic understanding of column method to solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Star writer - 


For her great re-tell of the 'Lost and Found' story. Lexi remembered all the key events and used her actions to act it out. 

Rowan- Scarlett

For using exciting adjectives to describe her character.


Reciprocity- Asad 

For his catching and throwing skills in PE.

Certificate for Presentation - Karimah 

For working hard to improve her handwriting. 

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