Friday, 20 January 2023

Year 1 Awards- 20.1.23


These children have worked extremely hard and have been rewarded for all of their hard work and efforts.

E for Excellence

Beech: Onyekachukwu

Onyekachukwu produced some brilliant Maths work this week. Onyekachukwu worked hard to represent numbers up to 20 in different ways. Well done Onyekachukwu!

Apricot: Alexandra

Alexandra is using her phonic knowledge when completing sentences about Mary Sealcole. Well Done!


Well done for confidently counting and representing numbers within 20 in different ways. Keep up the good work!

Star Writers


Well Done Darcey! Darcey has become more independent when writing. She uses her phonics to write unfamiliar words as well as remembering her finger spaces and Full stops.

Beech: Munsha

Well done Munsha for writing an excellent description of your character. Munsha created her own character from around the classroom and wrote a detailed description of them. Well done!

Walnut: Chirag

You earned this award for imaginatively creating your own character out of inanimate objects and describing it with super sentences. Great effort!

Learning Power Awards

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.


These children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective ideas and methods from others.

This has been awarded to:


These pupils have planned carefully, revised ideas, identified key features and can talk about their learning.

This has been awarded to:



These children have demonstrated perseverance, managed distractions, noticed patterns and been absorbed in their tasks.

This has been awarded to: Kylie


Well done Ameera for persevering with Read, Write Inc this week. Ameera has been learning lots of new sounds and words and has worked really hard. Keep up the excellent work!


You showed great engagement during your science lesson and kept working on your task until you completed it. Well done!

I Made My Teacher Happy Award

This has been awarded to: Zyana

Zyana has become more confident with her learning and is using her voice within the classroom! Good job!



You have earned this award for settling down beautifully into Walnut Class. Well done!

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