Friday, 16 July 2021

Year One Learning Week 6


Year One Learning Week 6


This week in Literacy the children were busy working on a best piece of writing about themselves for a display in their new classrooms. The children enjoyed discussing their favourite lessons, learning areas, hobbies, foods and more. They then used their sounds, punctuation and best handwriting to produce beautiful work. In addition, the children received letters back from their Year 2 penpals, they loved reading the letters and finding out the answers to the questions they had asked.  


This week in Maths the children were working on halving and doubling quantities. They enjoyed doing this outside using natural objects and hoops to practically share the quantities by 2. They worked together to complete different problems and explained their reasoning. They then solved halving and doubling problems in their books. 

Next week the children will be completing different Maths challenges across the week that will include different things that they have learned this year. 

Click here to try some Year 1 Maths Quizzes at home:

Key Vocabulary: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, add, take away, share, times, divide, shape, 3D shapes, cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone.  


This week in RSE we were learning about parts of our bodies and how girls and boys bodies have physical differences. We then discussed correct vocabulary for different body parts. We sorted the body parts into parts that girls have, parts that boys have and parts that everyone has. 

Next week is the last week of term!

Next week we will be having lots of fun to celebrate the last week of school. The children will have their End of Year Assembly on Monday where the end of year awards will be given out. They will also be decorating biscuits, making photo frames for a Year 1 class photo and doing lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities. We'll also be playing lots of games to make sure they have a great last week!

Have a good weekend.

The Year One Team

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