Friday, 30 April 2021

Year 2 certificates 30.4.21

Well done to our certificate winners in Year 2!


E for Excellence - Reagan for his hard work in Maths he has shown great understanding of multiplying numbers together using a variety of methods.

Star Writer - Rosie for her hard work in Literacy this week, she has been working hard to improve her sentence structure by including capital letters and full stops.

Certificate of Presentation- Francesca, for working hard to ensure her work is always neat and presentable.


E for Excellence - Manreet - For being a great role model to everybody. Manreet is always kind and polite to her friends and teachers and will always try her best!

Star Writer - Grace - For creating some great sentences about noises she could might hear in a busy city.

Certificate of Presentation - Shivanshi - For working hard to make sure her handwriting is neat and joined.


E for Excellence - Poppy-MAe for her fantastic effort using commas correctly in her writing this week.

Star Writer - Manuella for working hard to apply her sounds and write independently.

Certificate of Presentation- Callum for working really hard on his handwriting this week!

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