Friday, 30 April 2021

This Week's Learning in Year 1

This Week's Learning in Year 1


In Literacy this week we have been following the journey of recycling when it is put out on the curb in the orange bags. The children were fascinated with the process of where it went and how it was used. 
The children then wrote about this process in their books, using picture prompts to help encourage independence. 

This week in Maths we have been looking at making equal groups and arrays. Arrays are a visual or practical (cubes) way of representing multiplication. See example picture:

The children have been making arrays using cubes and drawing pictures of them in their books. Next week we will be focusing on doubling.

This week in History we have been continuing with the Tudors. We have been comparing life now to life in Tudor times. We baked some bread using a Tudor recipe and a modern day recipe and really enjoyed getting stuck in with the baking. After, we compared the finished products. Almost all of us preferred the taste of the modern day bread, we thought it was very strange that the Tudor recipe contained black treacle!


We are continuing to explore materials and their properties. This week the children used recycling to create new objects. Some were games, some were toys and some were just creative pieces of art. The children spoke about different properties of the materials e.g- water proof, strong, bendy, soft, hard. We then took a proto of them with their creation and printed it out for the children to label. 

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The Year One Team

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